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Can You Get A Better Settlement Using A Nashville Compensation Attorney?

Nashville personal injury lawyersYou know that you’ve seen the commercials a million times. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but most everyone has seen the high octane attorneys on commercials talking about how they can help car accident victims get the appropriate settlements.

Do you really need one of these lawyers?

Not every case is going to be a fit, but if you’re seeking a substantial settlement, you surely want to look into hiring a Nashville personal injury lawyer.

When you decide to make a call to an accident lawyer, what’s going to happen? First, you’re going to find out that there is no fee for a consultation. Not only that, but you’re able to get your entire case handled without ever paying anything up front.

That’s the way to have a lawyer take on a court case right there. Naturally, not having to pay up front might mean the fees are a little more expensive in the end. What can you expect?

What you can expect is for the fees to be approximately 30 percent of your settlement. That may sound like a lot, but your attorney is going to talk about the fees with you and what you can expect from a settlement. There is no way of knowing exactly how much you’re going to get, but an experienced attorney is definitely versed on what to expect. In other words, an attorney isn’t going to go after a settlement that is going to leave you high and dry after the fees.

The whole purpose of hiring a Nashville compensation attorney is so that you get the settlement that can help you pay everything and live life to its fullest after your accident. Those lingering medical bills and lost wages aren’t any fun at all. If you think there is any hint of a problem with the insurance company after an accident, you may want to dish the problem off to an attorney right then and there.

As a matter of fact, you may not even want to speak with the insurance company at all. Plus, you might just check with a car accident lawyer just to see what your options are before moving forward. Even if you don’t need to hire one, at least you checked out the situation. Are you willing to give it a try? It could be that you could get a much better settlement quite easily and you’re not even aware.

Information On The US Senate

US senateEstablished to determine the laws of the country, the US Senate plays a major role in the governing of a nation and its citizens. This is one of the most critical components and one that is an essential step before a law goes into action and is made official.

Here is more on what the US Senate is all about when it comes to US politics and the role it has to play.

Officer Of The Senate

It starts at the top with the Vice President of America. This is the person who is the “Officer of the Senate” and is responsible for heading the US Senate.


The reason the US Senate is regarded as a powerful arm of the democratic system has to do with its longer terms which are outside of the established political terms. The senators last longer than the average representative, and this is why their influence is more noteworthy.

What are the qualifications to join the US Senate?

1) Have To Be 30+ In Age
2) Live In The State Being Represented During Term
3) 9+ Years Of US Citizenship

If all three requirements are fulfilled, a person is eligible to be selected as a US senator to sit in the US Senate.


With six years in term, a US senator stays longer than the average representative. This is important to note because they have a greater influence on politics and this can play a role in the laws being formalized.

A lot of attention is paid to who is being voted in as a US senator.

This is critical information to note due to the history of the US Senate and the role it has played in the past in shaping America. It continues to have a direct influence on how things move forward.

What Does the State Government Do?

state and local government


The state government plays an important role in the administration and management of the country. There are state and federal offices, courts and political positions, and while some very important and significant issues are managed at a federal level, a lot of other roles are managed at the state level.

State officials are elected in local elections, and are responsible for the managing of the local area. They may implement federal law, and in some cases each state may have its own laws and its own policies which differ from or build upon the rulings that are passed down federally.   This is why there are different rules about things such as firearms or alcohol consumption in different states.

State governments charge taxes and use their own budgets to cover a lot of state services (fire and rescue, street cleaning, etc).  Certain benefits and housing projects are run on a state by state basis as well, as are a lot of schools. There are some private companies which offer services – again, the breakdown for this varies depending on the state and how they operate.

Some states offer things like discounted phones for the unemployed with free plans that allow them to get online, making it easier to access education and employment opportunities. Because state government offices have so much free reign provision can vary massively.

State government elections are not the same as presidential elections. It is important that you understand this and are aware of what you are voting for and who you are voting for when you take part in a local election. In many cases, the person you want running your state may not be the same as the party that you want to actually run the country; local policies matter a lot.

The Difference Between Filing a Lawsuit in a State Court vs. a Federal Court

Although most personal injury cases are filed in state courts, sometimes they can be filed in a federal court. But, in order to file a personal injury lawsuit to be filed in a federal court, one of two conditions must be met:

  1. There must be federal law implications
  2. There must be diversity of citizenship between the parties, and an amount in controversy of greater than $75,000

If a federal law makes up the basis of your lawsuit, then you may usually file in a federal court.  For example, if you file a lawsuit against a police officer for violating your constitutional civil rights, then the suit may be brought in a federal court.

Keep in mind, however, that cases with federal implications, such as the one above, may be filed in either a state court or a federal court––with some exceptions. If your case is filed in a federal court because there are federal law implications, the federal court will apply both the procedural rules of the federal court and federal law to your case.

Diversity of Citizenship Explained

A lawsuit may also be filed in a federal court if it involves what lawyers call “complete diversity”. For complete diversity to exist, two conditions must be met:

Every party on one side of the case must be from a different state than every party on the other side of the case. In other words, all of the plaintiffs must reside in a different state than all of the defendants. It doesn’t matter if all of the plaintiffs are from the same states or if all of the defendants are from the same state. The comparison is made only between plaintiffs and defendants and no state can be represented on both sides.

For the purposes of determining diversity, a corporation is from two states, according to the law––the state where it is incorporated and the state where it primarily does business. So for a corporation, you may have to account for two different states.

The second requirement for complete diversity is that the amount at issue in the case (called “the amount of controversy”) must have the possibility of being greater than $75,000. In a car accident case, if there is significant pain and suffering, there’s a strong possibility of a jury awarding more than $75,000. On the other hand, if the case were only about property damage and the damage was at most $10,000, then there could be no diversity of jurisdiction.

If your case is filed in a federal court because there is diversity of citizenship, the court will apply the procedural rules of the federal courts to your case, but state law from the state where the accident occurred will be applied in regard to your causes of action.

The purpose of diversity of jurisdiction is to prevent what is referred to as “home cooking”. In other words, to prevent a plaintiff from being able to file a lawsuit against an out-of-state party in his or her hometown, where the lawyers and judges know each other, and where there may be an unfair bias of the judge in favor of the local person.

The theory is that federal courts, which are fewer in number than state courts and where judges are appointed by the President, will have less of this type of bias. As such, in addition to the plaintiff being able to file a lawsuit in a federal court in the above circumstances, the defendant has the right to “remove” a case from a state court and into a federal court if either of the above requirements are satisfied.